Tuesday, January 30, 2007

New Teeth

So Mason has lots of new teeth coming in. Two top molars have broke through, one on each side. On his bottom right you can feel one, it's right there it just hasn't broke through yet. His gums are so swollen. We are trying to remember to brush his teeth at least once a day. By starting now hopefully when he gets older he won't be resistant to daily brushings.
Notice the bump on his head. We don't know what happened. Ben went to get him up from his nap the other day and it had appeared. So from the time he laid down to the time he got up that happened. But we never heard him scream or cry out, which in my mind a bump like that would have warranted. Another time Ben got him up from his nap, Mason had his arm stuck through the slats in his crib. Needless to say we are talking about in the next couple of months going for the big move. Crib to toddler bed.

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