Friday, March 9, 2007

Musical Mason

Mr. Piano Man or Little Drummer Boy, take your pick. Mason loves the drums and piano at grandma's house. Once got the chance to play the drums that's all he wants to do. He'll go and stand my the door to the upstairs bonus room and sign "please." And he's actually not that bad for a 18 month old. When I don't feel like going upstairs with him to play the drums I set him down by the piano and let him pound on the keys. Check out his form, looks pretty good to me.
Mason is also learning so much about around the house. He will take the towel from the oven door and clean up the floor when his cup leaks, or when anything else gets on the floor. He knows where the trash is and will go throw diapers away. He knows where is diapers are in his room and will go get me one if I tell him it's time for a diaper change. I, like all other mothers, am amazed at how smart and perfect he is. Although he does have his moments, like last night at Wal-Mart when he threw the bottle of Ruby Red Grapefruit juice my mom had got out of the cart and the cap busted and juice went everywhere. He knew exactly what he had done and that it was wrong. But still what a rotten, sweet boy. What a blessing!