Friday, February 9, 2007

Weekend in Owasso

We spent this past weekend in Owasso. Ben was going to Believe in Tulsa to help/network so Mason and I went with him so we could spend sometime with grandma and grandpa. So here are a few highlights from our weekend.
1. Going to ULTA with Mom. Jackie got me a gift card for my birthday, she is too sweet (especially considering she had a horrible time actually getting it, but that's another story). I got some new lip stuff and an eyeshadow. Fun times!
2. Having yummy carrot cake with cream cheese icing from Merrit's Bakery. This was a late "birthday cake" for me. It was so good, a layered carrot cake with cream cheese filling, as Rachael Ray would say, YUMMO! Mom said if I would have got married in Owasso, they would have done the cake.
3. Going to see Because I Said So with Mom. Even though MSN reviewed this and only gave it 1 star. We thought it was really cute. It's about a neurotic mom who tries to run her daughter's love life. There were some pretty funny parts. I'd watch it again. And since it's not very often I get to go to the movies that also made it a special treat.
4. Going to church and hearing a great new song. Well new to me, I don't think I have ever heard it but I really liked it. Revelation Song this is only one of several places I found it online. I think you can also download it on itunes.
5. Getting my sewing machine. Mom got grandma's fixed, so I get Mom's machine. I have already done one project. I made a diaper wallet that holds a couple diapers and a wipes case. Next project will probably be a bed skirt for our room.
Last but not least...
6. Getting to eat at Full Moon Cafe. Mason and I went down Saturday to Tulsa to meet up with Ben for lunch. I picked Full Moon to eat, Carter and Matt joined us. I, of course, got tortilla soup and salad. It was so good. We had good food and good conversation. It also brought back lots of great memories from high school. Good times!

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