Friday, January 26, 2007

Tots & Tonics

I think that I saw the most absurd segment on the Today Show this morning. It was all about moms getting together and having play dates with their kids and drinking. Do playdates and happy hour mix? Honestly I was amazed at these women that think it's ok to get together with their kids and pour a glass of wine or mix up a cosmo just so they could "relax" a little. Why can't you relax with your favorite coke or Starbucks in your hand, not a gobblet full of wine?

Meredith did an interview with a doctor and a mom who does have alcohol at her playdates. This mom was saying how it's just a way to socialize and get that connection with other moms. She said that it is also a way to weed out other moms who might not like the way she parents in other ways too. She went on the say "some people might not like that I roll my eyes at my kid when he/she crys sometimes, or that sometimes I do think about what eBay auction I could list my son on." I couldn't believe it. Yeah, Ben and I both roll our eyes at Mason sometimes when he gets upset, cause we know it's for nothing. But neither one of us would ever even have a thought about selling him on eBay. I hope that lady knows what an idiot she looked like (in my eyes).

Meredith went on to ask if it would be ok for your babysitter to have wine while watching your kids? Of course the lady said no, "I'm paying her for a job, my husband wouldn't drink at his job." To which Meredith said, "well isn't this your job, being a parent." Lady replies, "well I know my limits." I didn't hear a lot of what the doctor had to say (I was in the middle of making pancakes, while drinking my spiked latte), but she did say she didn't agree with it.

Where is the sense of sacrfice in these moms' lives? Parenting is all about sacrifice, and most people, I don't think realize that. Can't these moms sacrifice their glass of wine and that "relaxed" feeling for the sake of their kids? Who cares if you have a glass of wine, but if you need one to socialize with your girlfriends and make it through the day cause it's so rough raising your kids, something is wrong. Maybe people should be leaning more on the Lord to help them get through the day instead of leaning on their bottle of chardonnay.

Check out the link to the article above, from there I think you can also get the interview that Meredith did on the Today Show.

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