Sunday, May 6, 2007

All Boy

That is the one thing Mason is. He is getting to be such a wild man. We call him Monster Mason, and it fits him to a T. We've been playing outside a lot lately, the weather has been so nice (in the 90s today). He loves to take his dump trucks and play in the flower bed that has rocks in it. Thankfully there aren't any flowers planted yet this year, just the boxwoods. His is fearless, nothing bothers him. He walks around on the rocks barefoot and doesn't mind at all. He has fallen several times on the side walk, and nothing. His knees are all scraped up, but it doesn't bother him one bit. He loves to be daddy's big helper too.
There he is helping dad put some pavers and rock down by the back water spigot. He has tons of fun and gets really dirty and even it he doesn't remember he is making sweet memories for Ben and I.

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